Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Decorating the baby room...

Somehow, despite an entire wall of bedding options at Babys R Us, we couldn't find a single one that we liked. There's a lot of brown out there these days...brown just seems too depressing for a baby's room to me. So we did some online shopping and found these crib sheets and wall stickers that were just perfect!!




Now, we just need to find some nice matching accessories. This isn't one of those ready-made themes that comes with every possible accessory. We may have to get a bit creative here.

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Olga said...

so I have to read your blog in order to see this stuff? :)
It's super cute.
I bet you can find a bunch of cut out wood things in Michael's in shapes of cars/airplanes/etc....we could have a painting party.

Since I'm not dating anyone right now, I would not be able to break up w/them before this project!