Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Freaking amazing!

Technology is really freaking amazing! 15 years ago, every detail of what was going on inside a womb was a complete mystery. Women noticed they were pregnant, doctors measured women's bellies, and one day a baby came out. It was either healthy or not.

Today, they not only can measure every bone and every organ in the baby's body, they can track the blood flow in and out of the baby's heart, can do an echocardiogram of the heart, can look inside the skull at the brain. Even freakier, you can pay to have a 3D image of that baby, so you can decide three months before its born whether it has Dad's chin or Mom's nose!!

Yesterday was my fifth sonogram. I really do love the quality time I'm getting to spend watching my baby grow. Yesterday I actually saw him move and felt it at the same time. Just awesome!

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