Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why do we blog?

So here I am, starting a new blog. I should probably mention that I've tried this several times and felt funny talking to myself, and got kind of bored of it. But some friends have been blogging a lot, and I do love reading other people's blogs. So it seems that it might be satisfying to write down the fun things I go through. Will they be helpful, useful or even interesting to anyone else? Who knows. I think maybe that's why we blog--to find out if our lives are interesting to others. Or maybe we're reaching out to an electronic sense of community that we no longer feel in our neighborhoods? Anyway, here goes...

So, I love doing crazy things for my kids, trying to be SuperMom. For my daughter's birthday (I think I'll nickname her June to maintain her privacy), I gave her a Webkinz tiger snake. A few years ago, she asked me why she and her sister always make gifts to give to me, but I always buy gifts to give her. Feeling bad, I've tried to make her at least one gift for each holiday. So for her birthday, I took a Littlest Pet Shop owl, chopped off a few parts, attached some clay, did some painting, and, voila, I re-created the tiger snake in a bobble-head. (Pictures to follow)

Here's the finished bobble-head snake I made:

Here's what the Webkinz one looks like:

And here's a bobble-head replica of our cat Lucky that I made:

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