Thursday, July 31, 2008

First flirting...

Yesterday I took my 11-year old daughter and her friend to a local water park. I really hate swimming in those kinds of places, so I nestled down with a book under an umbrella, while they went off to ride down the water slides and ride a tube around on the lazy river. After they'd been gone for a while, I saw them in the pool in front of me, climbing onto a large floating plastic fish. A few minutes into it, a tall, gangly boy came over to them, and started trying to push them off the fish. At first, I thought he was a bully, picking on my little kids. After this went on for a while, though, with the girls clearly thrashing the boy the whole time, I realized that he wasn't a bully.


Not in that obvious teenager flirting way, but in that pre-teen flirting way, where they pretend they don't like each other. But those of us who've been there and beyond know that if you really don't like someone, you just ignore him. You don't go out of your way following them around poking them to tell them that you don't like them!

You know what? MY DAUGHTER AND HER FRIEND WERE FLIRTING RIGHT BACK!! They didn't even know it, but they were giggling and laughing and teasing and...well, basically...flirting!! I asked them about it afterwards, and they were clearly stunned to learn that the boy was flirting, and most certainly didn't know that they were flirting!!

Sigh...they're growing up way too fast.

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