Monday, July 21, 2008

Webkinz Party

This weekend, my girls and I hosted a Webkinz party. We turned the entire house into Webkinz World. We drew huge posters of all the main characters and copied a bunch of the ads, and posted them all over the house. Then we made up versions of the games and Employment Office jobs. Finally, we cooked foods following recipes from Webkinz. Most were pretty normal, like PB & Banana. But one goofy one was a macaroni and cheese and hotdog sanwich.

Then we invited over March and June's friends. First, they "adopted" their Webkinz animals. They were given adoption certificates, and then given an address--a box in the hallway, labeled with their addresses. We had the W-shop, where they could buy decorations for their box, as well as lunch for themselves. So, the kids went around playing all the games, and collecting money (drawn to look like their animals) and then spending it decorating their houses and eating. They did a little "home and garden tour" to show off their decorated homes. Everyone had a fantastic time!

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Unknown said...

hmm, what's so strange with mac & cheese & hotdog sandwich? lol i'd go for one